Hotel Le Calette

Sicilian Cuisine

Sicilian cuisine is the exultation of variety; eclectic and diverse it is famous world-wide for the originality of its dishes. From “savoury” to “sweet” they boast not only the use of unique ingredients, which give them unparalleled flavours and aromas, but also an incredible creativity in their presentation; creativity that has historical origins, as do the recipes which recount the history of Sicilian gastronomy.

Social stratification and culture have left a permanent, but recognizable mark on each dish which could never be considered the result of only one person’s efforts. Sicilian cookery is like a history book in which you can identify, through its colours, the prevalence of one or another ingredient, or recognise a tendency towards sweet and sour or a leaning towards earthy flavours; they are all recognisable indications of the origins of the recipe.

It is therefore possible to find recipes that reflect oriental, Spanish or even French flavours. We can therefore say that Sicilian cuisine is not just one, but a collection of cuisines that time and the cohabitation of diverse populations has made harmonious and unique, almost as though the recipes themselves sum up the multiculturalism that has found its highest expression on the tables of both rich and poor.

At Hotel Le Calette Sicilian culinary tradition is upheld, beginning with the use of simple, but natural ingredients most of which are produced in the Madonie Park, famous for its three slow-food products: provola cheese, manna and the Badda bean.


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