Chef Duet: Cala Luna prodigy of the senses

1 giugno 2019

The summer season 2019 of Cala Luna, restaurant of the Hotel Le Calette, will debut on June 1 with the dinner-event Chef Duet: CalaCala Luna prodigy of the senses. The Michelin starred cuisine of the Sicilian Chef Paolo Barrale will merge with the summer proposals of the Executive Chef of Cala Luna, Nunzio Tomasello.

The event will begin with an aperitif at sunset on the terrace of Le Calette for a taste of the delicacies of the four-hands at work at the edge of the new swimming pool.

The duet will ignite all the senses of those who let themselves get involved to reach the highest synaesthetic pleasures at Cala LunaThe two Chefs will be in action in the open kitchen, with a free view of the sea, the cliffs of Caldura and the Rocca, the starry vault, the sea breeze and the Mediterranean vegetation: a sublime experience of rebirth, a prodigy to welcome the summer season.

The four-handmade dinner will be the occasion to taste the cuisine of Paolo Barrale: Mediterranean, technical and respectful of the raw material, and the modern, direct but balanced cuisine of Nunzio Tomasello.
There will be great wines as the event is organized in partnership with Planeta, a Sicilian family run winery renowned worldwide for the production of great wine labels. There will be six references combined with the dishes of the evening: from the fresh and balanced Allemanda to the rich and bubbly Brut Metodo Classico, from the gritty and mineral Eruzione Carricante to the creamy and golden Chardonnay of Menfi (AG), from the elegant and vibrant Eruption Nerello Mascalese to the sweet and brilliant Moscato di Noto.

For info and reservations: ricevimento@lecalette.it | +39 0921 424144

Sunset aperif by the pool

Allemanda 2018

Dinner at Cala Luna

Crayfish, hibiscus, rose and caviar - Brut Metodo Classico

“Tonnato” light cooked tuna fish - Brut Metodo Classico

Rice, clam, parsley and black lemon - Eruzione 1614 Carricante 2017

Pasta, lobster, almond milk and chili pepper - Chardonnay 2017

Piglet, apple, vinegar and burnt onion - Eruzione 1614 Nerello Mascalese 2013

Acchianamisu': Sicilian Tiramisù - Passito di Noto

80 euro per person, wines included

The Chefs

Paolo Barrale - Born in 1974

Paolo Barrale is the current President of CHIC, Charming Italian Chef, an association that brings together over one hundred Italian and foreign professionals including chefs, pizza makers, pastry chefs, ice cream makers and bakers.
Born and raised in Cefalù, son of Peppino, the Guardian of the northern lighthouse of Sicily, and of Marisa, owner, right and left brain of the fresh pasta shop in the centre of the town. Paolo Barrale graduated at the Hospitality and Hotel Management institute in Cefalù before starting his travels throughout Italian kitchens.
He will then be welcomed by Pietro D’Agostino at La Capinera in Taormina (ME), by Gennaro Esposito at the Torre del Saracino in Vico Equense (NA) and by Fabio Baldassarre at the Altro Mastai in Rome.
The most formative experience of Paolo Barrale's life comes when he is 23 years old: a tip-toe entry into the kitchen of the Chef Heinz Beck at La Pergola in Rome, where he will spend four years of work and high apprenticeship.
In 2009 his chef's jacket has been awarded the Michelin star, at the Marennà, restaurant of the Feudi di San Gregorio winery in Sorbo Serpico (AV), whose kitchen he ran from 2004 to 2018.
Paolo Barrale represents the Mediterranean Chef par excellence, instinctive, endowed with outstanding technical knowledge and uncommon sensitivity. His gastronomic proposal is based on twomain principles: respect for the raw material, always coming from the territory to the plate, and guest delight.
His next professional challenge is still top secret.

Nunzio Tomasello - Born in 1979

Nunzio Tomasello is the Executive Chef of Cala Luna Restaurant at Le Calette, 5-star Hotel in Cefalù.
The budding Chef Nunzio still attends the Hospitality and Hotel Management school when he begins to collect experiences in the kitchens of the Romagna Riviera, sensing his way. The turning point came in 2009 when, after eight years, he decided to leave the position of leader at the Hotel Carlton in Cefalù and begins to grow professionally in the kitchens of luxury homes, starting with the Grand Hotel Villa Igiea in Palermo.

After the historic hotel in Palermo, he embarked on the most formative experience for his career development. Since 2011 and for five years he worked in the kitchen of the prestigious restaurant Il Cappero at the Therasia Resort in Vulcano, in the Aeolian archipelago, becoming a close collaborator of the Chef Crescenzo Scotti. In those years Il Cappero has been awarded its first Michelin star, an excellent recognition of its cuisine.
After the experience at the Therasia Resort, Nunzio is now ready for one of the kitchens that represent the history of great hospitality in Sicily for the world: Grand Hotel Timeo in Taormina. In 2016 Nunzio becomes Sous Chef there.
In 2017 the time has come to pursue his dream and take the leap, he embarks on a solo career. This is how the kitchen of Cala Luna becomes his kingdom, where he plays the role of Executive Chef with passion, rigor and originality, thanks to the skills, emotions and professionalism he has acquired.

Le Calette, 5-star Hotel, from 50 years is known as one of the most charming resorts of Sicily.
Set on a park of over 12,000 m², 2 km far from the historic center of Cefalù (UNESCO site), the Hotel follows with its Mediterranean architecture the natural folds of the coast of the Caldura bay from which it takes its name.

The Resort enjoys a panoramic view of crystalline sea, stunning sea stacks and the Presidiana harbour towered over by the Rocca, Cefalù's renowned promontory.